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Quantum simulation in AMO physics and condensed matter

Cargèse, 2nd – 6th August 2021

Scope and objectives

Quantum simulation is a pillar of Quantum Technologies covering a broad scope of topic, from ultracold atoms and photonic systems to condensed matter physics. It aims at developing controlled quantum devices governed by configurable Hamiltonians. Such devices can be exploited to solve many-body Hamiltonians beyond the possibilities of classical machines. There are now many examples of successful quantum simulation in and out of equilibrium in ultracold atoms, quantum optics, and condensed matter.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together a large community of researchers from ultracold atoms and condensed matter to discuss the most recent advances and bridge the gap between the communities. The workshop is organized around a series of topical seminars by members of the participating groups. A significant part of the talks will be given by young researchers and a poster session will be organized to favor direct interactions. In the same spirit, long breaks will be reserved to let time for discussions and favor collaborative work. This format is expected to seed a renewed cross-fertilization of ideas and approaches from the different communities. We believe that after the relatively insane period of exchange by zoom or other limited means, a week of direct interactions in the idyllic environment of the Institute of Scientific Studies in Cargese will be extremely fruitful.


Thierry GIAMARCHI (DQMP – University of Geneva, Switzerland)

Giacomo ROATI (INO-CNR and LENS – University of Florence, Italy)

Laurent SANCHEZ-PALENCIA (CNRS and Institut Polytechnique de Paris, France)

Practical informations

The workshop will take place at the Institut d’Études Scientifiques of Cargese (IESC) from Monday August 2nd (date of arrival Sunday August 1st) to Friday August 6th noon (departure Friday August 6th afternoon or Saturday August 7th morning).

We encourage participation at all levels from graduate student to established PI. There will be no a priori invited talks and the organization of the talks and the discussion will be arranged when the list of participants is converged. We plan to keep the workshop as informal as possible and promote discussion and exchange of ideas rather than a very rigid talk structure.

The workshop will only cover the costs of the infrastructure. All other costs (travel, transfer from airport, housing and food) will be covered by the participants from their own/group budgets. As an indicative amount for the housing and food costs amount count about 380 euros per person for the week of housing including breakfast and lunches at the institute (diner are essentially taken in the town).

Registration directly on the website is now open. We ask you to register as soon as possible and in any case before July 9th, 2021. Note that due to the sanitary constraints (all participants will be housed either at the institute or in town in individual rooms) the number of places is quite limited (about 50) and well below the normal capacity of the center. Acceptance, provided scientific criteria are met will be essentially on a first come first serve basis, with some cap on maximum occupation by single institutions.

Note that although we will not require any registration fees for this workshop, we strongly expect confirmed participants to feel strongly committed to come to the workshop. Indeed due to the occupation limitation the center has to plan its expenses (food etc.) more tightly than usual.